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Our Unique Service

  • Your own storyboard of marketing content
  • Tools to make better social messages for posting, faster!
  • Auto-packed marketing into your social messages

Freedom From Social Tyranny

  • Generate posts OFF platforms so you can distribute to all
  • Free speech NOT at the mercy of Big-Tech oligarchs
  • Support De-Monetizing Social Media platforms
    • New 2nd-Gen Social Platforms have removed corporate ads!
    • Deliver your marketing storyboard inside your messages!

Detect Foreign Influence

  • Processing Credit Cards reveals physical location
  • Foreign voices are not removed, just denoted
  • Local voices near you are recognized

Build A Steady Monthly Income

  • Everyone needs their voices to be heard
  • Build Marketing Resource demos for people and businesses
  • Make it easy for them to signup and get a recurring income stream

Your Data

  • A login email is all that is required
  • Credit cards are stored on Paypal/Braintree servers
  • MRO is a marketing platform - not a Social Media platform:
    • MRO works on all Social Media platforms to promote your efforts
    • Deliver better content while being social on Social Media