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Our Unique Service

There is no service like Marketing Resource. We hope it helps you to:

  • Access Social Media timelines using relevant social topics which will promote your marketing efforts!
  • Be more involved with your local community by making Social Media more useful in that effort.

Info At The City Level

Before registering and subscribing we determine your closest city by your IP address. There are both demonstrations and tutorials at the city level, so we need to get you there.

You can subscribe to any city and that will override the geo navigation via your IP address.

We Are Not

We are not a Social Media site like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Instead, we make those sites more valuable as a place to market your efforts by using a storyboard, linking your online worlds together and then dropping the viewers of your social content on it.

We are not a place to search and find businesses and people. We are designed to promote only you and that happens when you share content on the Social Media sites of your choice. Your use of Social Media pulls people to your marketing storyboard.

We are business, family and kid friendly. We employ Google's AI technology to remove unwanted content in both words and images. Only in rare instances can those filters be reduced (like a woman's clothing store).

We Are

We are both mobile and desktop friendly, but with two entirely different views. You will need a desktop computer (or something over 1200px wide) to create the content that will promote your efforts to your viewers on both desktop and mobile.

We are a monthly subscription service based on cities. One is all you need, but for a few specific cases (like real estate) it might be beneficial to have more.


Make sure to get a green confirmation bar after entering your city, state. Nothing works without it!

If trouble, use a known city, state near you and put in a request for your desired city to be added.