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Your Time Value

The need for people and businesses to gain public exposure is extremely important. The evidence and proof of this is found in the historic profits that Big-Tech has made since their inception in the early 21st century (Facebook: 2004, Twitter: 2006).

  • When Big-Tech became culturally relevant it sold the space allotted to organic exposure to coporate advertisements for record profits. Organic exposure was the original and unique feature of Social Media - a place where local, smaller efforts could be heard. The sellout to corporate ad money has made Social Media inaccessible in much the same way that TV has been for decades. The once valuable reach on Social Media has been severly curtailed.
  • MRO cannot replace the ad space dedicated to corporate efforts which fill (25-30%) the outer timeline feed of Social Media platforms. MRO can build an internal feed that can revitalize the voice of The People on all Social Media platforms. Messages built using MRO are packed with a storyboard of content that delivers the valuable exposure that was lost to large corporate ad budgets.
  • MRO storyboards packed into your social messages has the ability to return a value for the time it takes you to contribute on any Social Media platform. You have a newfound advantage in that your social message can address the topic of a timeline while it delivers your storyboard. This skirts admin/moderator bannishment but even more important is that it emotionally connects you to your audience over a shared interest. That advantage is something a coporate ad dollar cannot buy.

You can view the tools of MRO as though you were a paid subscriber by visiting the Interactive Simulation in the footer. Most important to see is how the storyboard and offerbox are displayed with your social message on mobile devices, which can be seen on a desktop under the Mobile Preview display.

Social Networks

The motivations of a business are obvious and specific to them - it is typically not in their interest to join foces to make a bigger impact. Not so with social causes. Social causes are much deeper and more complex. The public needs to be both cajoled and informed. The MRO message-to-storyboard exposure described above can be amplified thousands of times over. You can join networks that empower you to work together to distribute the social content you are passionate about.

  • Social Media is evolving. Its early youth is marred in corruption and censorship, but it is also providing the only avenue against another pillar of society that has crumbled - network news. The internal feed of MRO described above can flood the social narrative from the bottom up. People cannot un-see storyboard content they viewed on their mobile device after clicking on a benign message you posted in a social thread.
  • You alone do not have the expertise to convice the public of a social cause. Connect to a social network - like WarRoom - and gain the ability to search and grab messages written by experts in many fields. The Your Time Value described above is maintained for you because the message you grab will be distributed using your storyboard. You can work the exposure in reverse too; post a benign message and share the entire storyboard of the social cause you are passionate about - you do not need to be a member of the social network to do it.
  • Social Media platforms have to respect the connections of people (family, friends, hashtags, followers). A social cause needs an army to move it. Using MRO, the army has the means and the motiviation to push forward. Not just altruistic motivation, but the incentive of exposure - which has been missing from Social Media.

Liking a post inside a comment within a thread of like-minded people will not move the social needle. Forcing people to look at content they have not subscribed to because they clicked on a topical message that they are subscribed to ... will move the needle.